Shareholder Management & Analytics

Shareholder management and analytics are at the core of a successful investor relations programme. JSE Investor Services’ provides share ownership analyses, market intelligence, investor communication and shareholder management services in partnership with leading international service providers in the field.

Investor Relations Services and Data Analytics

Through our collaboration with Orient Capital, JIS will provide a broad range of investor relations-focused services including shareholder analytics and shareholder engagement tools to you, our valued client.

Orient Capital is the largest analyser of share registers globally and the dominant provider of equity ownership analytics to listed companies in multiple markets. Key customers comprise 1600 listed companies, including a significant number of the world's largest companies.

Share Register Analysis

Through investment in technology, Orient Capital has developed a bespoke platform which allows custodians to process and upload disclosure responses directly into the analysis system. This infrastructure combined with a large team of experienced analysts, researchers and compliance experts, based in London and Sydney, allows us to spend more time analysing share registers greatly enhancing data integrity and accuracy.

A report will be delivered that will track and analyse shareholders, past and present which will be delivered through the CRM platform, miraqle:

  • Condensed Reporting
    • Top buyers and sellers, new entries & exits vs. map view
    • Investor type classification and breakdown
    • 12-month historic trend analysis of investor and parent ownership
    • Historic share price performance charts comparing to its peers, sector and index
    • Investor trading performance and in-price
  • Detailed Appendices
    • Investors (by size and alphabetically) / investors by parent group (by size and alphabetically)
    • Beneficial owners by investor (by type, size and alphabetically)
    • Registered holders by size & alphabetically
    • Full city & country geographic analysis for domestic and non-domestic holders
    • Investment styles definitions

In Price Reporting

Unique In Price Report can be used to supplement the intelligence findings and is already proving to be an important new tool for Management and IR professionals ahead of investor meetings and roadshows. We would recommend this reporting is considered on a yearly basis to be used in conjunction with post results roadshows and utilising their most recent analysis.

This report will help understand more clearly questions such as:

  1. to what extent has a shareholder gained or lost from their investment?
  2. what has it cost a beneficial shareholder to build its current shareholding?
  3. Does a particular investor have an entry strategy or
  4. are any of your current investors close to realizing an exit price