BEE Verification Platform

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The JIS Centralized BEE Verification platform powered by JSE ShareHub, easily and accessibly removes the administrative burden of needing to repeatedly verify your identity to invest in these BEE share schemes. The platform aims to empower the shareholder through a single digitized service offering.

Features & Benefits

  • This is an electronic platform with a streamlined process that caters for the needs of Issuers; Brokers; Administrators and Shareholders from a BEE verification point of view.
  • Our platform aims to reduce paperwork and admin - Individual shareholders can verify once-off and allow their Broker to download a BEE verification confirmation letter.
  • Issuers and Brokers will have administration logins where they can search to verify if a shareholder is BEE verified on a Central database.
  • This eliminates the need for shareholders to repeatedly verify themselves when buying and selling BEE shares.

For Shareholders to get verified simply visit and follow these easy steps to register:

Step 1– Complete the online application form

Step 2– Take a selfie with your ID card/book and upload it to the platform

Once you have completed the process, you will receive an email confirmation and your Broker can then access the platform within 48 hours to download the confirmation letter.

For additional assistance please contact

For Issuers or Broker queries please contact