Product offering by association with William Radcliff

William Radcliff’s core services include:

  • Employee Share Ownership Plans Administration
  • Financial Management
  • BoardPAC Meeting Software

Employee Share Ownership Plan (“ESOP”) Administration

Our ESOP administration service is aimed at assisting clients to establish equity schemes that enable empowerment of the company and employees. Such schemes require efficient allocation, vesting, exercise, and accounting to run properly, hence we assist with accurate records, compliant management of the schemes and managing communication with beneficiaries. As such we offer the following under ESOP administration:

  • Scheme design and establishment
  • Scheme administration
  • Training and Education
  • Scheme communication
  • Scheme winding up

Financial Management

Our financial reporting services are aimed at ensuring IFRS and tax compliance. We also assist to make financial information available timeously and audits to require less effort. As such, we offer the following under financial management:

  • Financial planning e.g., budgeting
  • Financial reporting e.g., drafting AFS
  • Procure to pay process
  • Tax submission


BoardPAC is a user-friendly software that aims to streamline board and committee meeting management and significantly improves board administration and governance.

Some of the features and benefits of BoardPAC are

  • At premises deployment and training
  • 24/7 support
  • The opportunity for ease when it comes to collaborating and managing board packs and documents
  • Agenda creation
  • Meeting dashboards
  • Digital document annotation
  • And many more

Engagement Models

The William Radcliffe team is open to functioning under different models, especially for companies listed on the South African exchanges. The different models are summarised in the Table 1 below with the indicative risk profile and relative cost to each other.

Table 1: Possible engagement models

Engagement Model Description Full-time/ Part- time Risk Profile Relative Cost Cost Approach
Ad-hoc WR to provide support and advisory when needed. Part-time Singledot Singledot As per pricelist of services
Recruitment Assist company to recruit permanent Trust Administrator Part-time Singledot SingledotSingledot 25% of TCTC