Executive Share Plan Services

Custody Services Where required, JIS acts as the client’s safe custody agent via our nominee company. Scrip holdings are electronically registered, ensuring ease of transactions and settlement.

Data management and reports Upon receipt of all relevant client (share plan) data, JIS is responsible for the ongoing management and maintenance of client share plan records. A wide range of online reports detailing for example consolidated and/or individual transaction history, grant & vesting dates, payments & settlements, share transfers/deliveries, and all other relevant data are instantly available via a secure web portal.

Scrip lending Where applicable, a scrip lending facility can be established, subject to availability of scrip which will allow scheme participants to sell vested shares prior to these being issued. Risk associated with time delays are therefore eliminated which is particularly important in a volatile market.

Settlements In the event of participants selling shares, the resultant proceeds (after any applicable tax, fees or other costs) can be transferred directly into the participants’ bank accounts, as per the company’s payroll records. On the participant’s instruction, vested shares can also be delivered to the relevant custodian/stockbroker account.

Technology All hosting, back-up and disaster recovery (database and web application) costs are included in this proposal. Technology upgrades, ongoing development and related I.T. (e.g. SQL licensing) costs are also inclusive. In summary JIS is responsible for any business critical I.T. processes which relate to the service. JIS will also register a URL on behalf of the company.

Online Access A secure website where participants will be able to view and transact on their share portfolio is available for all participants. Your company (e.g., Human Resources or Finance divisions) can access all participant data and other consolidated reports online via predetermined security access levels.

Client Support JIS provides a dedicated client support centre which is capable of communicating in all of South Africa’s official languages during normal business hours. In our experience this is a critical aspect of BBEEE schemes management which ensures that participants can deal with queries in their preferred home language.

Tax Directives Our services provide for tax directives to be issued within 24 – 36 hours from date of trade.

Typical Scheme Types under Management Our system caters for administration, dealing and settlement services for most share scheme/ plan types, including but not limited to:

  • Option schemes (e.g., deferred delivery and loan schemes)
  • Share Appreciation Rights schemes (SAR’s)
  • Long Term Incentive Plans (LTIP’s)
  • BBBEE schemes (broad based solutions)
  • Deferred Bonus Plans
  • Restricted Share Plans
  • Performance Shares (PS)

Our system and related infrastructure are equipped to deal with all share plan/ schemes variations.

The only Share Plan Administrator in Africa who provides a complete service from live online trading to T+5 settlement to participant.