ShareHub the Smart Solution

Introducing the all new ShareHub shareholder communication platform, a centralised online mailbox and filing platform created to enable companies and empower shareholders. Leveraging the advantages and everyday benefits of digital communication technologies, it allows shareholders to maintain contact details and digitally access key information about upcoming events and initiatives such as AGMs.

There is now a single point of access to all critical information relating to the AGM of a company such as:

  • Notices of Annual General Meeting
  • Annual Financial Statements
  • Links to electronically register to participate in an upcoming meeting
  • Links to access a virtual meeting
  • A step-by-step Shareholders guide to register for and access a virtual meeting

With our virtual AGMs shareholders can register, attend and vote online from a single point of access, making your shareholder experience seamless and efficient.

It’s the smart way to go.

For questions or comments, please contact support:
Phone: 0861472644