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BEE Verification Platform

BEE Verification Platform

The JIS Centralized BEE Verification platform powered by JSE ShareHub, easily and accessibly removes the administrative burden of needing to repeatedly verify your identity to invest in these BEE share schemes. The platform aims to empower the shareholder through a single digitized service offering.

The Smart Solution


Introducing ShareHub - a centralised platform to manage all shareholder communication efficiently and effectively. The platform offers an online mailbox with filing capabilities, created to enable companies and empower shareholders through communication, education and verification.

Leveraging the advantages and everyday benefits of digital communication technologies, it allows shareholders to maintain contact details and digitally access key information relating to their shareholdings as well as access educational content on saving and investing.

The ShareHub platform offers shareholders:

  • A central point to maintain your details, making it easier to receive communication about your shares
  • A message box allowing for online storage of important shareholder communication (AGM notices, circulars, statements, Annual/ Integrated reports etc.)
  • An AGM folder where you can register for AGMs and receive links to access virtual meetings
  • A dividend folder to access dividend related information including checking if dividends are owed to you
  • Premium passes to seminars and webinars hosted by the JSE and our partners
  • Exciting trading games
  • Educational content and training